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the Native Way

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Papua New Guinea before white man.

After white man.

Turning warriors into whimps, free men into slaves.

What´s cool about that?

I guess the slave driver knows no other way.

It is important for all natives to understand that thieves always lie.

So when white man says that he brings freedom.

He actually means the opposite.

White man hates freedom.

Freedom doesn´t make money.

White man loves money.

Money comes from slavework.

More work, more slaves.

More lies.

Evil shit, that seems to never end.

Everything white man touches turns to crap (greed driven, pretensious, superficial, meaningless garbage).

This journal is not about white man´ s crap.

This is about what was, what is, and what can be.

This is about the Real People (as opposed to fake people).

Fake people hate everything real.

It reminds them of their fakeness, how they sold their lives (souls) away for money.

This is why they try to make everyone do the same.

How many generations of fake people can Mother Earth support?

White man using the black man to enslave the brown man, "progress" in africa, "ecotourism".

"It has been said that the mark of progress is to cut down trees and name streets after them. According to the europeans of the 16th century almost into modern times, progress was marked by obliterating groups of people, hundreds of thousands of people, indian tribes, and then naming towns and streams after them".

"The residential school began shortly after the arrival of the grey nuns. Children were taken from their parents to be educated. The residential schools were primarily established to educate and christianize the aboriginal children. Children were forbidden to speak their language. This resulted in loss of language, loss of identity and loss of culture. An elder said; we thought that if our children were formally educated it would be an advantage to them, instead the children ended up losing their language and way of life and that is the reality we are facing today. A former residential elder said; since residential school I’ve never believed in nothing I didn´t have to, they killed the god aspect of my life".

"You whites possess the power of subduing almost every animal to your use. You are surrounded by slaves. Everything about you is in chains, and you are slaves yourselves. I fear if I should exchange my pursuits for yours, I too should become a slave. Talk to my sons, perhaps they may be persuaded to adopt your fashions. As for myself I was born free, was raised free and wish to die free".

-osage chief

White man is trying to turn the indians from this

to this

WTF white man!